Organic Almond Salted Caramel – My God!

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✔︎ Fairtrade ✘   Now THIS is something out of the ordinary! Do you like pudding? Do you like truffles? Do you prefer the bitter taste? Or the sweet? This award winning wonder has it all! As soon as you

Coconut Hot Chocolate: A Recipe

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This year’s summer season has been a mixture of extreme heat and heavy storms, and I’ve found what I hope is the perfect summer hot chocolate, but with an extra surprise: this weekend, my good friend Dahlia and I combined our knowledge of baking and hot chocolate to create different flavour pairings,…

1 week & 27 followers later!

I didn’t plan on making this post, but when I logged on today and saw how many people have taken the time to follow the blog (all in just one week!), my pants dropped. Or, eerr, I didn’t actually wear any at the time, but you know… I just want to throw a quick &…

Luxury Vegan Swiss Chocolate!

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✘ Fairtrade ✘ This is one hell of a bar to satisfy those deeper, more fulfilling chocolate cravings. The truffle filling is well rounded – not too sweet, not too bitter, not too anything – but delicious! The 55% chocolate coating swoops in and finishes the job 😀 Overall a very satisfying experience. And they…

Vegan CruncheeBites – Crisp & Sweet

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✘ Fairtrade ✘ Feast your eyes! These little nibbles are made to satisfy even the sourest of sweet teeth out there! Honestly, I find it hard to

Chia and dark chocolate oaty bites

This recipe is a prime example of healthy food’s ability to still taste indulgent and not boring! These cookie-style oaty bites are guilt-free, gooey and full of goodness (they are also irresistible – I ate four as soon as they came out of the oven). They also take no time at all to prepare. I’ve…

Organic Orange/Almond Vegan Chocolate

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✔︎ Fairtrade ✔︎ Oh dear. I was so full after having eaten a whole watermelon that I wasn’t able to even think about chocolate… however, tasting this wonder changed that in an instant!

Recipe #1 – Healthy Hot Chocolate (Vegan)

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✔︎ Fairtrade ✘ This is not really a “recipe” at all but rather a simple combination of two delightful ingredients! Psst – Goes perfectly with your Mint Me Vegan Biscuit! Here’s what you’ll need:

Mint Me Vegan Biscuit/Cookie

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✘ Fairtrade ✘   Me not being the biggest fan of mint, I can actually say that this is the best mint chocolate that I have ever tasted. Period. And I think part of the reason is that it is not overly infused with the stuff. The cake (or cookie (or.. I don’t know what…

Super Nut Vegan Chocolate

Vegan ✔︎ Organic ✔︎ Fairtrade ✘ This is a rich and creamy rice milk chocolate with a fine hint of hazelnut. It is one of the better tasting vegan choices out there, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. The name ‘Super Nut’ really fits the product, as there are numerous delicious and chunky bits of…