About VeganChocoLove

Vegan. Organic. Fairtrade.

I love chocolate. My friends love chocolate. I take it that everybody loves chocolate – have you ever met somebody who does not?

Vegan chocolate (and other vegan products) are often of poor quality and can be a death trap for the taste buds. Therefore I aim to create an extensive listing of the BEST vegan chocolates on the market.

Keep in mind that less than 1% of the world’s chocolate is fairtrade, not to mention vegan or organic, so not all of the products we recommend here will have those three boxes checked. But we’ll let you know which ones fulfill which criteria(s) – all for your convenience!

So go ahead, pick a cocoa percentage in the menu above and see if we have anything that fits your taste buds! 🙂

Sponsored content, affiliate links, etc.

Yes, I wont hide that I want to earn money and, if possible, earn a living off of this project. I buy every product that I review with my own money, and so it would be nice to get some compensation for that.

5% of all proceeds will be donated to Anima, a Danish Animal Rights Organisation, on a quarterly basis. Basically they are like the American P.E.T.A. (only less extreme) and have accomplished some major achievements here in Denmark like:

– Ban against dog- and catfur in Denmark
– Ban
against animal experiments for cosmetic purposes in the EU
– Removed foie gras
from all Danish super markets
– EU-
majority to remove support for bull fighting
– Ban
against fox farms in Denmark