Organic 99% Chocolate!

I somehow managed to destroy the upper half before I got to take a nice picture of the whole thing 😛

Vegan ✔︎
Organic ✔︎
Fairtrade ✘

Booom! That’s what I felt when I took my first bite of this cocoa monster. It is so bitter that a piece of cabbage would actually sweeten it. But that’s only a good thing! Because then it lasts longer 😉

I found it especially delicious to eat along with a handful of goji berries and blackberries. I assume it would be fantastisk for baking and for making hot chocolate as well (why haven’t I tried that yet?)

For being what it is, I rate this cocoa godess 5 out of 5. It’s SO GOOD to eat with berries and to nibble at throughout the day. And healthy!


Find additional information below.

Cocoa contents: 99%
Brand: Vivani
Retailer: List of retailers
Total Price: £2.87 ($3.8)
Weight: 80g (2.8z)
Ships from: Germany (or wherever you buy it)


Coconut Blossom Sugar, organic
Cocoa Mass,
Cocoa Butter,
Cocoa Solids: 99% minimum

Allergens: May contain traces of shell fruits, milk & gluten.

Thanks for reading.
See you soon 🙂

– Andy

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