Recipe: Crunchy Almond Raw Vegan Fudge —

Photography by Holly HollyWould 

Good morning ya’ll (I’m so street)
Today I wanna share this insanely alluring recipe for raw vegan fudge squares from Holly HollyWould with you 😀 I hope you’ll love it as much as my eyes do!

You can read more about Holly HollyWould here!

See you tomorrow 🙂


via Recipe: Crunchy Almond Raw Vegan Fudge —

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  1. Hi. I am the owner of this recipe, the images and the original article. I sent you an email about this but didn’t hear back. Please can you do the following ASAP:
    1. Mention my blog name correctly. It is not HollyHolly. It is Holly Hollywould.
    2. Hyperlink Holly Hollywould to my blog,
    3. Credit my photography –-– add a clear credit: Photography by Holly Hollywould –– with another link to my blog

    At present you appear to have lifted my recipe, my images, and only placed 1 incorrect credit (HollyHolly). No image credits and really I am not happy with this and would prefer you remove the article if you can not properly credit me.

    I hope you can understand. This feature took me 4 hours of work!
    Thanks and I hope to see the changes soon


    1. Oh, sorry. I didn’ know that I had to do all those things – it seems pretty clear to me that this is a reblog and not my own content.

      I will do what you ask asap – sorry! 🙂


      1. Yes it’s clear… It’s just you credited me incorrectly (Holly Hollywould not HollyHolly) and didn’t place image credits. I shoot everything myself and if you don’t credit them, someone can take them from you without crediting them etc. Anyway, thanks so much for changing it. Really appreciate it!


        1. Aha, I see.
          Thanks for opening my eyes! 😉


  2. Healthy and Psyched says:

    Thanks for sharing. this looks AMAZING!!


    1. It does, doesn’t it 😀


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