Vegan ‘Milk’ Chocolate


Vegan ✔︎
Organic ✔︎
Fairtrade ✘


Good morning and a happy Monday to you! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic and adventurous weekend 😉 Today we have something a little out of the ordinary. A milkless ‘milk’ chocolate!

Most vegan milk chocolate replicas have somewhat of an artificial or plastic-like taste to them. But not this one! It’s sweet, plain and melts nicely on the tongue with an aftertaste of hazelnut. I could eat the whole bar in one go (which I almost did…) without complaint – it’s that good!

There really isn’t much to say. I believe it to be the best vegan ‘milk’ chocolate I have tasted so far. But I’m still not a huge fan of those very sweet and plain chocolates.

I rate it 4.5 out of 5 as it is one of the best choices for vegan milk chocolates out there, but very plain and not too exciting.


Find additional information below.

Cocoa contents: 37%
Brand: iChoc
Retailer: iChoc
Total Price: £1.7 ($2.2)
Weight: 80g (2.8 oz)
Ships from: Germany


Raw Cane Sugar, organic
Cocoa Butter,
Rice Drink Powder,
Cocoa Mass,
Tiger Nuts (Ground),
Hazelnut Paste,
Bourbon Vanilla Extract,
Sea Salt
37% min.

Allergens: May contain traces of other tree nuts, milk & gluten.

Thanks for reading.
See you soon 🙂

– Andy

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